I’m a 40-something Electronic Engineer living in the United Kingdom. My day job is currently software development orientated but my real interest is electronics, engineering, making stuff and experimenting. Most of this is done on a shoe-string budget which keeps the fun going ?! I don’t have a lathe, mill, sanding machine, paintshop and they wouldn’t fit in my tiny 6′ x 6ft rotting wooden shed anyway. This shed is used for woodwork, electronics, house DIY and even rebuilding the cyclinder head of my car (after the cambelt broke).

My ethos for writing this blog is that some of the stuff that interests me might also interest others. An idea on here may inspire you to make something similar. You might learn a new technique from my blog perhaps. I’m also an ‘arm chair builder’ of other things (boats, mini-caravans, sheds) and similarly this might be your only interest in these pages.

Whatever your reason for browsing I hope you enjoy what you read.

If you like anything on here please feel free to add a tweet or email so I know it’s actually helping someone along the way. If there’s something you want to know more about – please just ask.

The Photo

The header photo I have used for my blogsite is taken at the beautiful Lac de Sainte-Croix in the lovely countryside of Southern France.

Posting Comments

This WordPress blog is setup so that comments are appoved by myself prior to appearing – it keeps everything friendly and helpful as opposed to some of the stuff we’ve all read under Youtube posts. Therefore if your comment does not appear straight away it is likely that I’m just busy and haven’t logged on for a while, but I’ll endevour to approve it ASAP. For far 100% of comments made have been posted.