Do I Need A Google Account?

I’ve a fairly new mobile phone and it is no surprise it is powered by Android (the only other choice of OS would have been iOS – between them they have 99% of the market). The phone is great. Android is great….but perhaps a little too great for my liking.

Having used the Maps and enabled location I would later visit somewhere only to be prompted later with questions of “Did I go into X pub” ? “What did I think of Y place”? and “Is Z your place of work”?

This started to overstep my personal boundary of what I was after. So, knowing my Google account was separate to the actual phone, I removed the account to see what I could still do. The answer is actually quite limited. For starters I can still use Google maps to navigate point-to-point, I can still search the www, I can ring and text people.


But the contact names have all been lost – calls are just numbers which makes things awkward. Also the To-Do-List doesn’t work. What does annoy me is that the basic Android does not allow a simple phone-book as standard. Saving contacts prompts me now if I want to save them to my Yahoo account.

A friend said that I should just download a third-party phone-book app. Trouble there is that the PlayStore doesn’t work either without a Google Account. I’ll have to try out the AMazon store or one of the other free app repos.

What I’d really like to do is write my own using Android Studio, add some encryption, add some notes etc. When I manage that I’ll post the results here 🙂



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