XylobandHacking – it’s not over yet !

Personal Update

Firstly after breaking the only one I thought I had access to I managed to procure another – which has arrived today in a Jiffy bag. So back I’m back in the game on that one.

New Xyloband Hacking Forum

My blogsite attracted a lot of interest but perhaps isn’t the best medium for discussions and contributing snippets of material. One of the readers (ayelix) who was contributing to these Xyloband based discussions has now set up a forum specifically for discussing Hacking the Xyloband. All readers are very welcome to sign up to the following forum and take part in those discussions. The URL link is: http://xylobandhacking.freeforums.net/

When we say hack here, we’re talking about re-activating our own devices so those who have attended concerts can re-live the fun at home rather than reading/distributing stored Intellectual Property so the device can be illegally replicated.


I’ll continue to put random stuff on my blogsite which I hope people will find interesting. My plan is to use the forum above to discuss, contribute ideas and share what we find. I’ll no doubt use the my blog to present chunks of progress (along with a link back to the forum each time).


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