Xyloband from Wembley, UK

My Xyloband from the 2016 HFOD Tour (UK, Wembley) looks like this inside….

There is also a loudspeaker, although I’m not sure why.I don’t think it was used at the concert.

As recently mentioned by a fellow Xyloband owner in a comment on this blog, the crystal in mine is also 30MHz. The microcontroller mounted on the back of the PCB is the Atmel SAM D20

There’s a 20-pin SMT device marked as “43621B BCL0ZZ 1548” – which is probably the transceiver as the 30MHz feeds straight into it. I cannot find any information on this IC.

Also on the back of the PCB is a 8-pin IC “SSM 2211” which is an Analogue Devices 1.5W audio amplifier.

There’s no etched antenna on the PCB so probably uses the battery leads/wrist strap.


One thought on “Xyloband from Wembley, UK

  1. Ah, your PCB is completely different than mine! Mine is the type used on the US tour, no speaker and 3 coin cell batteries instead of AAAAs.

    Look up Si4362 – that’s what’s on mine.
    Also, after tracing out the schematic I can see that the wristband is used for the antenna, yours could be as well.

    Mine has a different Atmel micro, the ATMega 88PA.

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