Cheap and Poor Quality Fixings

Over the years I had to fix many things at home and often come to the same conclusion – the failure (apart from those due to normal wear and tear) are not caused by misuse of that item by my family but usually a single component that has been made as cheaply as possible. If the manufacturer had spent just a few Pennies/Cents/Fen/Paisa more then the item would have lasted much longer.

My most recent included flimsy plastic rollers for a glass shower door (which I have remade using aluminium) and the hinge on a toilet seat.

IMG_20160821_122756023The latter literally fell apart after 4 months and looks like it is made of an amalgam of aluminium, tin foil, bottle tops and other rubbish….but with a chrome finish. I noticed my local DIY shops also stock replacements but are they any better quality – who knows.

To sidestep any issues I decided yesterday to make my own replacement. I used some thin sections of 40mm plastic waste pipe (about 10mm thick) and deburred them with a knife. I got some 6mm stainless threaded rod and added a stainless nut. I drilled an old sheet to drop the thread through and placed the waste pipe around it. I added some tape to prevent things sticking and secured the waste pipe mould using small screws. Lastly I added a small section of a hot melt glue stick to make a recess to take a bolt.

I filled the mould with car body filler and allowed it to set. I cut the moulds to release them and sanded the top of each bracket (I stuck them in the pillar

drill and pushed them down onto sandpaper). The sanding was a bit too fierce and I ended up with the studding showing. I painted them white and fitted to the toilet…..and they appear to be working fine.

Copy of IMG_20160821_154720052(1)

I used some threadlock to ensure all the bits stayed together.



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