Xyloband – part 2


The electronics manufacturer, Microchip, has kindly sent me a sample of their PIC16LF1824T39A-I/ST microcontroller. It’s only 8 bit but sports a fully integrated RF transmitter and guess what ? The frequency of this part is 868MHz (although they do other bands as well). The part is a TSSOP package which means I’ll need to design a PCB to which I hope to add the antenna. When that’s done and all components are placed I can write some code that will hopefully be able to activate the Xyloband we have from the Coldplay Concert (Wembly 2016) – don’t know about them but my head really is full of dreams.

Microchip datasheet on this part

Twitter Account for Coldplay

I’ll publish the circuit here (or on my Github account) and any other findings.





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