And the Finished Portal Gun….

After a very sucessful day out at MCM Comic Con London on Sunday the gun is earning a very well deserved rest on it’s MDF stand. This stand also enabled us to transport the gun, strapped down with velco tapes, in one piece.








One of the best comments we got was “…do you know some people build those from scratch?”.

What did I like best about Comic Con ?

Comic Village and talking directly to those talented artists, writers and designers; like Nick Cook

The general friendlyness and banter from everyone.

The Amazon Prime church set and trailer of the new Preacher series staring Dominic Cooper.

Portal Gun Mods Due

The control board worked faultlessly and the 3x AAA batteries powered the unit all day long, but changes needed are:

  1.    Change the firmware to allow the LEDs to pulse, flash in intensity
  2.    Rebuild the PCB using 0.1″ connectors rather than hardwire
  3.    Incorporate a 3x AAA battery holder
  4.    Secure wiring inside better
  5.    Make it lighter somehow – perhaps vac form the shells?

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